飞扬国际集团董事长 ---宋非

Established in Singapore in 2011, Easy-Fly Travel Pte Ltd is a Singapore based tour agency specialized in providing tour services to tourists from Singapore, China, Malaysia and many of other countries. It is one of a few Singaporean tour agencies which is qualified and acknowledged by China National Tourism Board to provide tour service to Chinese tourists. Thanks to the trust and support of all our existing and new clients, along with the business core value of integrity, quality, innovation and growth, we have established a solid foundation and excellent reputation in the tourism industry. With years of experiences, Easy-Fly Travel Pte Ltd has a strong management team with proven track records for customer service, hospitality, customer handling and troubleshooting to provide the best service possible to our clients all over the world.

With a strong focus on providing a smooth and stress-free customer experience, Easy-Fly Travel Pte Ltd ensures all our tour guides of Easy-Fly Travel Pte Ltd have undergone professional training and obtained tour guide license.

Easy-Fly Travel Pte Ltd has good cooperative relationships with many hotels, attractions and restaurants to meet different customer requirements! In recent years, the reception volume of Easy-Fly Travel Pte Ltd has been steadily and rapidly rising to more than 200,000 tourists annually, and it ranks among the best in Singapore’s local travel agencies. As we evolved over the years to meet the ever-changing demands of the travel industry, integrity, steadfastness and competence are values that we possess, and will always remain as part of our service culture

In order to serve China market better, Easy-Fly Travel Pte Ltd Singapore has also established its subsidiary Easy-Fly International Travel (China) in Shenzhen. At the same time, in view of the diversified tourism characteristics in China, Easy-Fly International Travel Pte Ltd has also built a group of experienced professional counterparts to undertake mid-to-high-end tour arrangements such as VIP tours, incentive trips, summer camps and conference services, etc.

Easy-Fly Travel Pte Ltd has a professional fleet of more than 32 well maintained and air-conditioned buses with various seating capacity ranging from 19 to 53 passengers, and the fleet is constantly expanding every year. All our drivers are trained professionally to provide customized transport solutions to cater to the needs of each client. The respect and trust built over the years had led to the formation of multiple long-term partnerships with various clients. Our buses were also hired by government sector during 2020 Singapore General Election to ferry balloting boxes. In terms of vehicle dispatching, we are able to deploy more than 100 vehicles at one time by collaborating with our business partners.

We are proud to what we can offer to all of our clients:

  • Flexible Booking Arrangements for both corporate and personal travel requirements:
  • Corporate: shuttle services, company staff pick-up and drop-off, airport transfers, events, VIP transport
  • Personal: shuttle services, events, family outings, weddings, airport and cruise transfers
  • Competitive and Transparent Pricing – No Hidden Costs
  • 24/7 Customer Support All Year Round
  • Prompt Recovery Plan for Trouble Shooting

Easy-Fly Travel Pte Ltd always aim to provide excellent service. While we constantly work to heighten the service standards of our staff, tour managers, tour guides and drivers for them to be well-versed and motivated to serve you, we also progressively develop itineraries to give you quality and customized tours, providing you a heritage of delightful experiences. We strive to provide you the best service and best value.

2007年在新加坡创立, 立足于中国市场专业新加坡、马来西亚地接,是中国国家旅游局网站公布的具有接待中国游客资质的新加坡地接社,承蒙各位新老客户的信任与支持,经过多年的打拼,凭着诚信、品质、创新、团结的经营理念,以实际行动在旅游业界建立深厚的根基和优良的声誉。同时也累积了一批旅游接待经验丰富,实际操作能力强,综合素质高的资深经理团队。



飞扬国际集团和酒店及各旅游景点,餐厅都具有良好的合作关系,以满足不同的客戶要求!近年来飞扬国际集团的接待量正在稳步快速的上升,在新加坡地接社中名列前茅,为了更好的服务国内旅游市场,飞扬国际集团在深圳成立了深圳市飞扬国际旅行社有限公司。同时针对国内多元化的旅游特点,飞扬国际集团也组建了一批经验丰富的专业对口人员承接中高档旅游、 VIP旅游、商务,夏令营及会议服务,尤其在商务考察、交流、培训领域,为客户提供一站式服务。



“狮城之国” 新加坡位于马来半岛,是由新加坡本岛和其他几十个毗邻的小岛组成的总面积约640平方公里的国家,是世界上面积最小的几个国家之一。



飞扬国际集团执行董事--DANNY ONG